Solar in Space

Solar technology for space is getting better and better every year and the solar cells are getting more powerful and cheaper to make. Some recent breakthroughs with different types of materials have shown the efficiency increases of up to 10 times what the solar cells of a decade or so ago could do. This is incredible and these technologies right now are being tested in space in places like the International Space Station and on satellites.

The future of our colonies in space, whether on the moon or Mars or floating around in geo-sync above the earth will take full advantage of the rapidly increasing solar technologies. Thanks to the solar initiatives and alternative energy initiatives of the United States Government we are seeing money funneled to excellent research and development projects in the solar power industry. This is helping the advancement in solar technologies and discoveries immensely.

As our sun burns bright we may as well soak up as much of that free energy as we can. Our Sun is said to be good for another 5.5 to 13 billion years and that will be a lot of solar energy won’t it; it seems silly to waste the energy that is all around us every day or let it escape our future colonies or space habitats. Perhaps you will consider this in 2006.